Magical butter is a unique device designed to make butter that is infused with the herbs, oils or any other additive that you desire – including: cannabis, botanicals and cooking oil. The word “magic” comes from the butter’s ability to make you feel better.


You’ll be able to make tinctures, medicines and even butter right from home. And you’ll be able to add that butter right to your dishes to enjoy herb-infused meals. You can even add cannabis to the mixture if you’re using medical marijuana. For example, you may have high levels of anxiety and start your day off with a particular strain of cannabis. If this is the case, you can make a butter that contains the particular type of cannabis that you use, and make your pancakes with it.

Magic butter offers you a more natural way to make your favorite meals.

And the Magic Butter machine goes well beyond just cannabis uses. You’ll be able to make your own medicine right in the comfort of your home, and you’ll know each and every ingredient that has been included in your own concoction.

Advantages of Making Your Own Medicine

When you make your own medicine at home, you’ll find that your own tinctures are more potent and refined to your needs. If you’re debating whether or not to make your own medicine, a butter machine will allow provide you with the following benefits:

  • Medicine that is geared towards your exact illness.
  • Medicine that is extremely fresh.
  • You’ll save money from creating your own medicine.
  • Medicine created by you will allow you to have a better understanding of medicinal uses, and what works and doesn’t work for your body.

The truth is that medicine doesn’t have to come in a pill or a drop. While this may be the most affordable way for a pharmaceutical company to produce medicine, you can create your own medicine using a methods that are more natural. Just think about how convenient it would be to add a few drops of your most potent anxiety relief medicine to your cup of tea every morning.

There are no pills necessary, and you’ll be able to increase the potency of your own medicine as needed.

With the ability to have all-natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about the severe side effects that normally accompany pharmaceutical medications.

Magical Butter Machine Review

Magical Butter

You can create your own magical butter the hard way (a.k.a. the old fashioned way), or you can use the “Magical Butter” machine.

The Magical Butter machine is the obvious choice for anyone wanting to create their own tinctures, oils or magic butter. And, it is so simple to get started that we are going to show you a very simple demonstration of how the product works.

To get started, you’ll need a few ingredients:

  • Butter
  • High-quality botanicals
  • Lecithin

Rather than discuss every feature immediately, we decided to explain how you can make your own magical butter in just four easy steps:

Step 1

Decarb your herbs by preheating your oven to 250°, and baking the herb for 25 to 30 minutes.

Step 2

Add all of your herbs into the Magical Butter machine, and then add the butter (melted). Finish the process by adding in lecithin, which is a great emulsifier and helps with the extraction process.

Step 3

Attach the head back onto the machine, and set the temperature accordingly. Most people recommend setting this at 160°F and letting it extract for approximately two hours.The machine will take care of the rest, including mixing and grinding as well as extracting from your botanicals and other ingredients.

Step 4

Pour the contents of your pitcher into the filter bag that has been included, and make sure that you wear gloves as the mixture will be very hot. Squeeze the bottom of your filter to extract all of the butter, and maximize your yield.

That is all that it takes to create the perfect magic butter for your uses. Just imagine how many different ways you can mix ingredients and create butter for your own medical uses. It’s such a simple process that anyone can do it, and the machine takes care of all the work for you.

If you weren’t using Magical Butter, you would need to:

  • Extract all of the vital nutrients and minerals from all ingredients
  • Grind the ingredients into a fine pulp
  • Mix ingredients accordingly and bake at the appropriate time
  • Heat the ingredients to the perfect temperature, also known as steeping

There is a reason that many people do not make their own butters – it’s normally a difficult process.

But this device makes it the entire process so simple and easy that virtually anyone can do it in just in afternoon. You’ll be able to enjoy delicious tasting butter that can be refrigerated for extended use, and you’ll be able to use this butter when baking or cooking any of your favorite dishes.

Magical butter also allows you to create:

  • Butter
  • Oil
  • Grain
  • Alcohol
  • Lotions
  • and more

You’re not limited to the items that you make, and you can call it your own creation if you wish – the possibilities are limitless. It’s the easiest way to create your own medicine, and there’s no guesswork involved. The manufacturer also offers several different recipes, which we’ll discuss shortly.

When you purchase this product (click here to buy), you’ll receive everything you possibly need to make your own magic butter.

If you’re currently using medical marijuana and want to create different products from your botanical, this is the right choice for you. Magical Butter offers you the ability to use butter for several different medicinal uses, or create tinctures that you make and modify to your exact preference and needs. This means that you’ll be able to add not only botanical, but other ingredients that will allow you to feel better and healthier than ever before.

This machine offers several different timing features as well as various temperature settings that are in accordance with the proper herb heating recommendations.

The rest of the features of the machine, such as the stirring and extraction, are all done hands-off, so you never have to worry about how you’re creating your butters, oils or tinctures.

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Magical Butter Recipes

Magical Butter Recipes

You have to admit that magic butter sounds amazing, but what recipes can you use to better your life? There are several medical uses for this amazing butter, and we’re going to list some of the best recipes (just ingredients) that we use on a routine basis:

  • Cannabis Oil: All you need to make cannabis oil is alcohol and cannabis flower
  • Cooking Oil: Botanicals, cooking oil and lecithin are needed.
  • Tincture: Botanicals and vegetable glycerin are needed to make your magical butter tincture.

These are the three base recipes that you’ll use for many of your medicinal needs. But the Magical Butter machine can also make a delicious smoothie if you wish. Simply add vodka or rum, several different types of berries, some pure agave nectar, and you’ll be able to make a great smoothie right in this machine.

The best part is that Magical Butter has a variety of different recipes available to you, including:

  • Tinctures
  • Oils
  • Butters
  • Smoothies
  • Entrées
  • Appetizers

Virtually any kind of recipe you can think of will be included with your purchase. It’s the perfect solution for anyone that wants to make medicine in the comfort of their own home, and wouldn’t mind having a little bit of magic butter on hand for those special occasions.

Magical Butter takes the hard work out of creating your own butter, oils, tinctures and more.

It’s a “set it and forget it” a method – the machine does all the work for you. For medicinal purposes, this is the absolute best machine you can have in your home. It works with a variety of different botanicals, and it is so affordable that you can’t afford not to have one in your home.

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